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About Cash4songs

Cash4Songs is a music rights management company based in London providing cash advances to established writers and composers by managing their songs and copyrights.

Money for music

Cash4Songs allows you to raise money against your existing music royalties; we have provided advances to some of the world’s greatest writers and composers. Such advances have helped create new studios and given writers the financial peace of mind to make national chart hits.

Song Investment

We specialise in providing investment finance for popular songs and recordings both current and historical, enabling you to raise money from your copyrights.

In return for upfront money, ​​songwriters can grant the rights necessary to enable us subject ​to any arrangements with PRS to collect royalties on their songs​, and so we would need to take the place of any existing publisher or administrator of your songs.

If you’re a catalogue owner and would like us to review the financial opportunities of releasing your catalogue (in whole or in part) please contact us for a competitive quote.

Rights management

Worldwide music publishing and rights management partners enable us ​subject to any arrangements with PRS ​to collect and generate additional revenue streams from our catalogue of successful songs.

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